Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Amazon Author Pages

National holiday time for independence day here in Kazakhstan. It is cold outside at the moment with fog forming over the river and coating everything in a thick layer of frost. Last night was down to -42C which is a new record for me as a temperature.  It is a bit different to the highs and humidity of Doha and Abu Dhabi in the summers between 2004 and 2011!  Impenetrable fog is still opaque and that's the view I see from my window.  The tree frosted over and beyond that, bright grey nothingness.
Walking by the River Irtysh
 Notwithstanding the chill, I'm not venturing outside today, as frostbite is not high on my list of things to have suffered from, so I have settle at the computer to add to my presence on Amazon at their US, UK, French and German locales.
The misty River Irtysh
 The Author Pages were interesting to complete and add to, in that on the French and German sites only Any means to an End was listed under my name, and only as a paperback.  Only the UK site carries the reviews of Any Means to an End, the US .com site not linking with them.  I would have thought that a review on one part of Amazon would be carried on all parts.
View into the mistiness

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