Saturday, 27 October 2012

Autumn thoughts

I am pleased with the success of White Sands, Green Trees  ebook,  with the pictures being the big attraction for those purchasing it perhaps.  Interest has been generated in this and the two historical adventure books from the Pinterest site with people seeing the "ancient charts" and other images from the books.  

I think that possibly the same can be said for the the steady sales of Teaching Overseas - A Short Guide. Clearly it is filling a gap in the market for teachers needing advice before taking up, during or in preparation to leave their posts internationally.  Images from the travels around the world posted on Pinterest by me and used in Twitter tweets must be grabbing some attention.

I'm looking forward to receiving the final trout illustrations for the Fishing Trip and putting that together in time for Christmas.  The species included are mainly from Europe and North America, and have been chosen for their colours as well as to enable identification of the more common types by young anglers.

The current location is Usk'-Kamenogorsk (Oskemen) in Kazakhstan and information from this post will be feeding into a future update of the teaching guide.

My latest camera to combat the predicted cold, rain and dust is a Fuji XP10, with which I intend to get some winter pictures to offset the large number of hot desert jungle and tropical island images I already have.  I have taken some test shots as it were to get used to its functions and its ability to cope with cold conditions.  Over the course of 24 hours the temperature here plummeted from +10C to -6C and what had been muddy wet conditions have been freeze-dried.  Check the weather at the bottom of the page for current conditions.  I can see why log cabins are the common form of accommodation outside of the city.  Fur hats and coats are the favourite item for winter amongst the populace here in Central Asia. The wind certainly does blow cold.

So far (and one can only ever say that) things have gone well here.