Monday, 17 September 2012

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 Any Means to an End at
Any Means to an End -The Lost Diaries of Richard Buchanan ISBN: 9781781760048
5-Star Review of Any Means to an End
Diaries are uncovered detailing the life and times of Richard Buchanan. He is an English Navy officer leading a gang of sailors through the blue water Caribbean to the grey of the Baltic. They wreak havoc on enemy shipping, pirates and those who act outside the law. Donating their prizes to the Crown they are welcomed back to the fold and entrusted with more missions. Finding intrigue, murder and romance along the way, will Richard ever settle down in his beloved South Shields?

Protective Craft at Amazon Kindle
Protective Craft - The Lost Diaries of Richard Buchanan (Volume 2)
The Commodore's adventure continues, in this, the follow-up to "Any Means to an End".  He must return to the New World, where surprises abound, and loyalties are stretched to breaking, while an abandoned love resurfaces to change everything ....
White Sands, Green Trees is only available at - It is a humorous description of my travels and adventures around the Philippines and Malaysia during 1996-98.

 This has to be an essential for anyone thinking about or currently teaching overseas.  Written by a teacher and educational consultant with 17 years experience overseas in Europe, Africa and across Asia, there's not much that isn't covered.  This book could save you heartache and money."

Literary Contest Prize references 

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