Sunday, 13 May 2012

Durham Teaching Consultants

I do presentations on improving Teaching and Learning, plus other aspects of modern education.  Its all at Durham Teaching Consutants web page or leave a message here.
 I am based in the ancient City of Durham, in the North-East of England, with the proud heritage of scholarly activities stemming back to the monasteries of Lindisfarne and Monkwearmouth.  Currently I am in Oskemen, Kazakhstan, assisting the local teachers and students with the introduction of a new Biology course to the local Nazarbayev Intellectual School in the suburb of КШТ.

I am a specialist in Science education, having taught it from Primary through to University Entrance level and run several Science Departments, with a great deal of experience in KS3  Maths and ICT.   I have taught the separate sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) at iGCSE, AS, A and IB Diploma levels.
I have been teaching with senior roles in schools in the UK and overseas  for many years before moving into advisory roles.  I offer the advice, the presentations and the knowledge gathered to date, to you, on important aspects of teaching and learning.
  I have recorded and saved our presentations over time, adapted and refined them.  In some cases they have been translated by native speakers into Arabic.  I can also give the advice you need on working overseas.

I appreciate that you are busy professionals and require information pre-packaged to high standards at an affordable price.  

"Teaching Overseas - A Short Guide" is my short  ebook available on Kindle.  Just about everything you need to work through if you're considering applying for an overseas post.  This is not a pamplet from an agency trying to sell you a dream with nice images, but tells you of what can go wrong and how to get out of a situation.  It should enable someone to decide whether the overseas life is for them.  It is available on and at $1.50 and £1.01 respectively.

It has to be an essential for anyone thinking about or currently teaching overseas.  I have had 17 years experience overseas in Europe, Africa and across Asia, and there's not much that isn't covered.  This book could save you heartache and money.

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